Osean 50+

Osean 50+ will help sustain healthy bones and joints. 50+ contains essential minerals and vitamins that promote bone and joint health. Be free to live the life you want to.

  • Contains natural Calcium and 73 other marine multi-minerals
  • Fortified with Vitamin D to help absorption and keep muscles and bone function active
  • Added Magnesium which improves muscle function and has anti-stress properties
  • Added Pine Bark Extract, a natural anti-inflammatory rich in anti-oxidants.
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Enjoy the benefits of Osean 50+

As we get older maintaining bone and joint health plays a more important part of our lives.

Bone and joint health

Osean 50+ has been developed to protect and sustain bone and joint health and help you lead the life you want to. By taking just 3 tablets a day you can fight the onset of bone and joint illness and help keep your body strong and active. Osean 50+ has been proven to promote healthy bone and joint health through its unique, natural multi-mineral content.


If you want to protect, support and care for your body’s bones and joints and sustain vitality then Osean 50+ is just what you’re looking for.

Pain relief and mobility

Osean 50+ has also been fortified with Pine Bark Extract, a natural
anti-inflammatory providing pain relief and increased mobility to those with
bone and joint problems. Pine Bark Extract also contains polyphenols,
a natural and powerful blend of anti-oxidants.

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The science behind Osean 50+

Osean Active has been specifically developed by our team of scientists, and will provide you with a natural 74 multi-mineral complex, giving you all you need for the day ahead.

Multi minerals ›

Osean 50+ contains 74 marine multi-minerals, including Calcium and Magnesium, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of Iceland. This multi-minerals complex contains what you need to maintain your bone and joint health.

Vitamin D ›

It has been fortified with Vitamin D3 to aid absorption by the body. Additional Magnesium has been added and has been proven to increase muscle function, has anti-stress properties and can aid in sleep.

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