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Osean 74 is a unique, natural, marine multi-mineral product derived from the Lithothamnion species, a red algae seaweed sustainably sourced in the pristine waters of Iceland. Osean 74 has been proven to be effective in the maintenance of bone and joint health.

Osean 74

Osean 74 is developed by Marigot Ltd.
Established in 1993, Marigot, which is based in Co. Cork, Ireland, is a natural food ingredients manufacturing company, a pioneer in the development of marine multi-minerals in food, beverages and supplements.

All our products are derived from the marine plant Lithothamnion species from the North-West of coast of Iceland.

Marigot believe very strongly in sustainably sourcing and managing the supply of the seaweed. Marigot operates an extensive sustainability management programme that is supported by the Icelandic Marine Institute, Local Government, Environmental authorities and Organic Certification bodies. This is done to ensure the natural regeneration of this unique mineral source and to ensure the health and well-being of the surrounding ecosystems.

Committed to Science

Science is at the heart of everything that Marigot do. The anecdotal evidence of the Lithothamnion species has always been very positive, but that means very little unless you can back that up with proven evidence.
Marigot have a team of dedicated scientists and researchers that have been working on proving the efficacy of the Lithothamnion species.

To date Marigot have conducted 25 independent clinical trials, all of which have been peer-reviewed and published.

In these trials Marigot were able to scientifically prove the benefits of the Lithothamnion species in the areas of bone and joint health.
Innovation is also very important at Marigot. Marigot are constantly looking at ways to further improve what they do. They have looked beyond the core product, the Lithothamnion species, Marigot have looked at improving efficacy and adsorption by fortifying it Vitamin D3 and additional Magnesium.

Pine Bark Extract, a proven natural anti-inflammatory and rich in polyphenols, a natural source of anti-oxidants, has been added to a number of products.

Improving Bone and Joint health is at the heart of what Marigot do and they are fully committed to delivering scientifically proven products, with a commitment to continued innovation. All of this is to ensure that you can get all you need for healthy bones and joints.

With Osean 74, we believe we have developed a unique product that is unrivalled – a 100% natural Calcium and multi-mineral source that is proven to maintain bone and joint health.

Marigot Product Range

img-sm-products-rightMarigot have developed a number of products for the food ingredients sector, most notably Aquamin. Marigot are currently working some of the biggest food, beverage and supplement manufacturers in the world with the Aquamin product and are present in over 32 countries throughout the world.

Marigot is also involved in the agricultural and foliar industries with their products AcidBuf, Aquacid and Pinasco aiding in the health, growth and yield output of the dairy, equine and crop industries.

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