Please find below useful answers to commonly asked questions regarding our products and the benefits to bone & joint health to be derived from natural marine calcium and the multiminerals within red seaweed.

What is the recommended daily dosage?
The recommended daily dosage for all Osean 74 products is 4 tablets per day.
Where does the name, Osean 74, come from?
Osean 74 comes from a combination of the word Osteo, sea and natural. The name also sounds the same as Ocean. The number 74 comes from the amount of marine minerals present in each tablet.
What is in Osean 74?
Osean 74 contains 74 marine multi-minerals, including Calcium and Magnesium. All Osean 74 products are fortified with Vitamin D3 and additional Magnesium which further improves absorption by the body. Osean 50+ is fortified with Pine Bark Extract, a natural anti-inflammatory rich in anti-oxidants.
Who should take it?
Osean 74 is suitable for people of all ages and can aid the development of bones and teeth in children, maintain strong and healthy bones and joints for active people on the go, and provide care and comfort for those suffering with bone and joint related conditions.
Osean 74 is especially recommended for the following:

  • Pregnant/Lactating Women
  • People over the age of 30
  • Those suffering from a bone or joint condition.
  • Post-menopausal women
  • Those with low Vitamin D levels
  • Malnourished individuals, particularly those who suffer from Calcium and Mineral deficiency
  • Coeliacs and Diabetics

However, we recommend that if you are planning a pregnancy, pregnant, breast-feeding, taking any medication or any other Calcium supplements please contact your local doctor before taking Osean 74.

Is Osean 74 suitable for vegetarians/vegans?
Yes. Osean 74 is suitable for just about anybody. From vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs, diabetics. Osean 74 contains no allergens and is derived from a calcified marine plant source.
What is Lithothamnion seaweed?
The red algae Lithothamnion species is a type of seaweed that is a natural source of minerals. The type of seaweed we harvest, Lithothamnion Calcareum is found in only a handful of places around the world, yet is abundant in minerals absorbed from the sea by the plant. We source all our seaweed from the Westfjords of North-West Iceland.
Is Osean 74 sustainable?
We operate an extensive sustainability management programme to safeguard and ensure the safety of the seaweed we use and the ecosystem. Only the calcified, dead form of the Lithothamnion species is harvested. We ensure that we only take what we need and to maintain active regrowth and regeneration. We work closely with the Icelandic Government, the Icelandic Marine Institute, Local Government, Environmental authorities and Organic Certification bodies.
Is Osean 74 safe?
Every bottle of Osean 74 has been sustainably and safely sourced from the pristine waters of North-West Iceland. Every harvested batch has been tested for the presence of heavy metals and we are fully compliant with all domestic and international safety requirements. Osean 74 contains no allergens.