Joint inflammation can occur for many reasons – from infection and bacteria to a virus. The body responds to these conditions by increasing blood flow to the area. This brings white blood cells and chemicals to combat the condition, resulting in inflammation.

The most frequent cause of joint inflammation, however, is arthritis. Many types of arthritis have been identified, but osteoarthritis is thought to be the most common. It often develops in people over the age of 50 and is more usual in women than in men. Osteoarthritis generally occurs in the knees, hips and small joints of the hands, but in truth, almost any joint can be affected.

Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective surface (cartilage) that allows joints to move smoothly is damaged. The cartilage wears, becoming uneven and leading to thicker, broader bones. Tiny growths, called spurs or osteophytes, can form on the margins of the joints which then irritate the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. This results in stiff, painful joints which are difficult to move. There may also be a build-up of fluid in the joints which causes them to swell up.

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