Information for health professionals

Osean 74 is derived from the red seaweed Lithothamnion species. This is harvested from the Westfjords of North-West Iceland under exclusive license from the Icelandic Government. Learn about how Osean74 is made here >>

You’ll find a great deal of information throughout our site in relation to the scientific research and studies carried out to verify the health benefits of our products but some key summarised points include:

  • The product is 100% natural and contains no allergens. It is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs, diabetics.


  • It is recommended that pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy, breast-feeding women, those taking a Calcium supplement and those taking medication consult their local doctor before taking Osean 74.


  • We advise that Osean 74 should be taken together with a balanced diet, regular exercise and not to be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


  • We would invite any health professional to read our Independent Trials and study our findings. All our 13 published and peer-reviewed studies are available to view under the research section of this website.


If you are a health professionals and would like any additional information please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you in any of your queries.