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WASHINGTON—Increased calcium intake may lower the risk of colorectal adenoma and cancer risk, according to research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2013.

In the two-phase study, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine researchers analyzed the relationship between colorectal adenoma and calcium and magnesium intake. They also investigated the effects of common variations in two genes used to control the two minerals.

With 1,818 subjects and 3,992 controls from the Tennessee Colorectal Polyp Study, researchers found no risk reduction overall in the highest calcium intake. However, patients with genetic changes in at least one of the genes who had the highest calcium intake experienced a 39-percent decrease in adenoma risk, explained Xiangzhu Zhu, M.D., staff scientist in the Division of Epidemiology in the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

“Our results may provide one possible explanation for the inconsistency in previous studies on calcium intake and colorectal abnormalities because calcium may primarily prevent colorectal cancer in the early stage and reduce risk only among those with genetic changes in calcium reabsorption, which involves KCNJ1 and SLC12A1,” Zhu said. “If confirmed in future studies, our findings will be critical for the development of new personalized prevention strategies for colorectal cancer.”

Other research presented at the 2013 meeting found high selenium levels may protect against advanced prostate cancer.


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