Calcium may help reduce colon cancer risk – from

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Increasing calcium intake reduces the risk of cancer in the left side of the colon, according to a study.
Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health have studied a group of 88,000 nurses and 47,000 male health professionals, as part of two ongoing studies on lifestyle and health. They analysed calcium intake from diet and supplementation, and linked this to the cases reported of colon cancer.

Those taking more than 700 milligrams of calcium a day, from diet or supplements, had a 40 to 50 per cent lower risk of cancer in the distal – or left – side of the colon compared to those consuming less than 500 mg of calcium. But taking more than 700 milligrams did not reduce the risk further. The researchers think that calcium puts a block on the type of cell growth that leads to tumours, although it’s not clear why the finding is not applicable to other parts of the colon.

By: Robert Cervin from, May 5th, 2013