How its made

How it's made

Sustainably sourced

Osean 74 is sustainably sourced off the north west coast of Iceland. We care about our seaweed and how it is treated – so only the mature form is used. No live material is touched in the sourcing of this product. The main component of Osean 74 is the Lithothamnion seaweed species, a unique red algae marine plant, found in only a certain number of locations throughout the world.

When the conditions are right, this red algae is carefully harvested from the sea bed. It is then brought to shore and washed at our production facilities in Northwest Iceland.


From there is it shipped to our UK processing facilities where it undergoes further processing and milling. It is then spray dried to produce a free flowing compactible granular compound. The granulated material is then fortified with Vitamin D3 and magnesium to further enhance potency and effective absorption in the body.


Pine Bark Extract is added to Osean 50+ to maximise anti-inflammatory action and also deliver powerful natural polyphenols. The product is then filled into easily digestible capsules, packaged, and shipped out to our customers around the world.

Every harvested batch is rigorously tested for the presence of heavy metals and we are fully compliant with all international standards.

Our Products

  • original

    Osean 50+

    A natural mix of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 & Pine Bark that will provide care, comfort and support to bones and joints.
    from €19.95
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    Osean Active

    A natural blend of 74 minerals that deliver everything you need to manage a hectic lifestyle.
    from €17.95